My Own TED Talk

If you’ve read my blog before, you might have learned what TED Talks are. If not, I’ll make it easy and copy-and-paste the explanation:
(If you don’t know what TED Talks are, they are talks in which one person speaks, sometimes with visual aids, for about 20 minutes about a certain subject. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, & Design. The talks are meant to be informative and entertaining. Many discuss a certain issue to raise awareness or propose a solution.)

For one of my Communications Studies classes, I have to give my own quick, 5-minute TED Talk.

When the talk was assigned, I was very nervous about coming up with a topic. Our instructor’s biggest advice was to talk about something about which we’re passionate.

This started me off thinking about my hobbies and interests: lacrosse; whitewater kayaking; Spanish; language learning in general; my fraternity (Lambda Chi Alpha).

Some of these ideas provide potential opportunities for the talk. However, the next advice was to make sure to engage our audience. While I am passionate about the aforementioned things, it is not likely that these topics will reach many of my listeners on a real level.

Therefore, I needed to come up with something else. That’s when I remembered the TED Talk given by Mike Rowe. (I wrote about it in my blog post The Craft of Storytelling.) One major theme of his talk is how the importance of “dirty jobs” is overlooked.

From there, I came up with the topic for my talk: Higher education is not necessary, and it’s not for everybody.

This is to say that it has become expected for most people nowadays to go to college, get a degree, then to go to grad school and get a Master’s, and from there to get a desk job and try to work their way up to CEO. My talk will dispell the perceived unimportance of laborous jobs (e.g. plumber, electrician, truck driver, etc.) and highlight the positives of them (of which there are many!).

More to come as my ideas develop…


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