Intro to Me and My Blog

Welcome to my blog! If you’re here, you probably already know that my name is John Jenkins. But if you don’t know me, I’ll tell you a little about myself. (If you do know me, this post might bore you. But keep reading anyway… Maybe my own description of myself will make you say, “That’s not true!”)

I’m a senior at St. Joe’s University in Philadelphia, but I’m originally from the suburbs of Baltimore, MD. Like most people in my home state, I’m crazy with Maryland pride. Whether it’s wearing my Ray Lewis jersey on Purple Friday, starting a verse of “Orioles’ Magic” at a crowded party, or just wearing the flag’s colors, I’m often somehow giving away the fact that I’m from Baltimore (or, as we say back home, ‘Balmer’), Maryland. So don’t be surprised if you see posts on here about the Ravens, O’s, or even crabs!

Maryland Pride at its finest

Going along with the Maryland theme, I obviously play lacrosse. I was practically born with a stick in my hands. I play on the club team here at SJU. The guys are awesome and we have a ton of fun. We also win. We’ve been to the national tournament every year since I’ve been here. And every year we’ve finished in the Elite Eight. (This is the year we take it all, I’m sure of it!) So lacrosse is another topic you’ll likely find here.

Finally, I love to travel. I speak Spanish, and spent a semester in Madrid. I went to Italy a couple times while I was abroad, and now I am studying Italian. I love to learn new languages, so that when I travel to different places I can interact with the people. When I’m not testing out the language, I’m usually snapping pictures. So there’s something else you can look forward to on this blog: accounts of my travelling experiences and plenty of pictures! (For example, I took the banner picture at the top of my page, of the mountains and lake, in Banff, Canada. That place is incredibly beautiful!)

Valle de los Caídos, Spain

 Tiny car in Rome, Italy

However, I’m going to predict that the majority of the post topics will be responses to things we talk about in my classes. I know what you’re thinking… educational stuff, boooring. I agree. But before you dismiss my blog, I challenge you to actually read a post or two. First of all, the classes about which I’ll be writing aren’t boring. They cover interesting topics, like how the Internet has changed the way people think and interact. Secondly, I don’t like “boring” any more than you do. So I promise I will keep things interesting!

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy


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